7 Tips for Mantle Decorating for Christmas

7 Tips for Mantle Decorating for Christmas

By Cindy Stevenson

7 Tips for Mantle Decorating for Christmas
Decorating for Christmas can be a very merry time, but it can get overwhelming fast! Follow the tips below for help and guidance on how to decorate your mantle special to you and your family.


Use command hooks on the top of the Mantle facing the wall to secure your garland.


Collect different size and shape ornaments.


Use objects that are dear to you or you collect. 


Use stems to stick into the garland. This makes it look fuller and more interesting!


Wait until 2 weeks before Christmas to use fresh garland because it dries out.


Use the prices of garland to secure your ribbon and ornaments.


Use the "loop" technique with ribbon throughout the garland.
Loop Technique:
Begin by holding one end of the ribbon. Then create a loop and continue this back and forth! As you work your way to the end of the ribbon, make the loops slightly smaller. Finish by tying a florist wire around the back and twist. With the long florist wires you can use the same wire to tie it to the mantle or tree!


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