Under Pressure

Under Pressure

By Cindy Stevenson

Under Pressure

Pressed for time anyone? Yes, of course -- we all are. It seems that if you live in the USA you are scrambling for time no matter what stage of life you're in. 

The pressure for time is fresh on my mind because I'm currently pressing flowers a sign I'm making and, well, I'm a tad stretched for time. The flowers drying are not impressed by my dilemma. Of course, I could use all the youtube tricks out there that involve microwaves and other tactics to speed the process up. But it feels a bit like cheating, and somehow it cheapens it. 

You see, I have my grandmother's old family bible and its full of pressed flowers and four-leaf clovers. The corsage she wore to my grandfather's funeral when he passed at a very young age in 1947 is in there as well as the corsage from my aunt's first dance. There are four-leaf clovers she could never pass up the chance to look for.

I don't think I have to tell you that these dead flowers were not rushed, but neither was my grandmother. Yes, she raised four children-- mostly alone-- and was the sole provider for them. Yet, she took the time to stop and find four-leaf clovers with them. 

So you know, I'll wait for my flowers to dry without any antics from Pinterest. Meanwhile, you might find me sitting in the middle of a clover patch searching for some luck. 


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