"What do they need that I can offer?"

"What do they need that I can offer?"

By Cindy Stevenson

"What do they need that I can offer?"

Being a Mom is hard enough but being thrown a curve ball like a worldwide pandemic takes it to a whole new level... like last level of Mario level. I’m seeing and hearing from moms in all stages of life that are dealing with the different issues arising in the wake of COVID, and I’m trying my best to help and serve you.

Some of you are moms at home with young kids that should be in school right now, but instead of dropping them off with professionals each day, you have found yourself, suddenly, serving as an uncertified educator of students who believe they know more than the teacher (as you silently pray to God that they don’t).

Some of you are on the opposite side of the spectrum, elderly Moms who are alienated from their families in your home or nursing home – trying to stay safe, so that you can enjoy time with those loved ones again.

Some of you are moms-to-be who are having to face carrying and delivering your new baby without the joys of being surround by family and friends. Not to mention, you’re doing so in a time of fear surrounding pregnancy like we haven’t seen in many generations.

There are an infinite number of positions of motherhood that lie in between these examples, all effected by COVID-19 in different ways. I’ve laid awake many nights and asked myself, “What can I offer to help them?”

Being a grandparent to three young ones that I currently am missing beyond words, I dreamed up the Boredom Busters to help bring a bit of fun to young ones stuck at home. Then, we quickly added the Eucalyptus Bundles to our website with instructions for a eucalyptus shower for moms who need a spa day more than a bird needs a song. I dropped the delivery fee to help make sending and receiving flowers more affordable. And of course, we brought in a gazillion plants, to help you all freshen up that space you have been staring at for days on end.

And tonight, I have been laying here thinking of you once again and trying to see you right where you are at, while asking God, “What do they need that I can offer?”.

Let me be transparent here. Operating a business during this time has been the scariest thing I have faced since...hmm...well, forever. I remember the first night I went home after realizing that I had lost (or would eventually lose) all of the revenue that sustained my business throughout the rest of the year all in one day.

I, once again, laid there in middle of the night (sometimes I sleep, I promise) and finally came to the conclusion that if I was going to lose my business over this, then I would at least help as many people as I could before the “ship sunk.” That’s the night the idea of the Donation Arrangement was born, and since then, that idea has turned into one of the projects that I am most proud of.

So Moms, I’ve said all of this to say… I am thinking of you and I believe that you deserve the best. I believe we can find the silver lining in all of this pandemic (ship sunk or not). And I believe we will be better and stronger for it. Whatever that looks like. And know that I have you in mind while curating this little shop. And I promise to try my best to be of service to you and to make your lives a bit brighter, a bit easier, and a bit happier.

On this Mother’s Day—one I’m sure we will never forget—I pray you are surrounded by beautiful flowers and sweet smiles (even if they are virtual).




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