You need flowers. So do I.

You need flowers. So do I.

By Cindy Stevenson

You need flowers. So do I.

You know, we need flowers in our lives, both literally and figuratively. This past week I spent a whole lot of time in a hospital room with my mom. She had emergency surgery and was recovering while I tried to make a mobile office out of a laptop, iPhone, and hard hospital furniture.

The night of the surgery my husband ran into the gift shop and purchased a couple of lavender roses in a vase to give to mom. He is forever the sweetheart. But let me tell you, those roses, although not arranged in a way quite up to my standards, commanded attention in that sterile room. They brought beauty into such a brittle space and put life into the air.  Mom watched them each day as they opened up a bit more and they made the situation a fraction more bearable. It reminded me again of the importance of flowers.

Clearly beauty is important to God. We see it in the stunning forms of flowers while they cause emotion and appeal to your attention. As for my husband, he too is a flower. He is that guy who just seems to help the situation, whatever it is, to become a bit more bearable. There is a tenderness within him that reaches others. He can break tension and change the energy of a room with no effort at all. He brings laughs out of the unexpected and his hugs melt the coldest of hearts.

I realized, while sitting in that hospital room with him and that silly budvase of roses, that he too is a flower. A soul here on Earth just to make things a bit more happy, and beautiful. Life is precious and short, so why not surround ourselves with flowers of every kind. We deserve it.


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