Bid Day

For sorority members, Bid Day is one of the most exciting parts of the college experience. To make this day even more special, we have teamed up with local small businesses to create a gift package that will not only make your girl feel at home in her new sorority, but also in Fayetteville. Each box will include signature, greek-themed items from Rick's Bakery, Zuzu's Petals and Gifts, and Houndstooth Press, along with admission to classes at the new PureBarre Studio here in Fayetteville! All of the items in the box were handpicked by active sorority members who know which items are most wanted AND most used by new members, ensuring that your gift will be appreciated!  


 How it works

Our team is an Official Greek Life Sponsor. This means that we have invested in the program and that we will be the first to know which sorority each girl received a bid from! The beauty of this is that you do not have to guess which house she will get a bid to, or try to find out and spoil the surprise! The night before Bid Day is when the girls make their final decisions, and as soon as that list is finalized, our staff will get be notified! We will work through the night packing sorority specific gift boxes for each girl on our list, then deliver them to the house before the Bid Day festivities begin. The best part is that when she arrives at her new sorority house the next morning, your gift will be there waiting to welcome her home!


What if...

Recruitment is a busy week, and we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. The Welcome Home crew is ready to help you in any situation that comes about, and want to be sure that your girl is happy first and foremost! 
If your recipient withdraws from rush or does not receive a bid, she will still receive the General "Welcome Home" Basket. If the box that you had originally ordered was more expensive, we will give you the remaining money back as store credit. 
If you need to exchange a clothing item for a different size, we will be happy to swap them for you while supplies lasts! We cannot, however, offer any refunds on orders before or after they are delivered!

Keep in mind, each box is being sold while supplies lasts. There is no way for us to gauge how many girls will end up in each sorority, and while we do not expect to run out of any products, there is always a chance! For this reason, we place priority on the orders that we receive first. We recommend placing your order as soon as you can to ensure that your box is complete with each item that was listed. If we do run out of a product, we will replace it with something of equal or greater value that can be exchanged for the missing item at a later date. 


The Welcome Home Team

Zuzu's Petals is a premier florist in the Northwest Arkansas area. In addition to creating beautiful floral designs, Zuzu's is the perfect company to be in charge of logistics, packing, and delivering.  This company is a seasoned veteran when it comes to producing hundreds of custom orders in a quick turn around-- this year on Valentine's Day they delivered to over 400 locations before noon! The Welcome Home baskets are in good hands with this crew!